Dalian Shiyuan Machinery and Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Dalian Ganjingzi District and specialize in developing, producing and selling series of industrial brakes and over speed switch. At present, we supply domestic and foreign enterprises with high quality products, such as DHI · DCW, DSIC and etc; Our products are also exported to Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Romania and other countries and regions......


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This product fit very well for decelerating and braking on driving devices such as loading& unloading machinery, lifting& transporting machinery, metallurgy& mining equipment and port machinery...

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    Our company has produced a series of electric hydraulic brake, which has been adopted by many enterprises at home and abroad. Due to the need of business development, we have been recruiting agents worldwide. The agents we are looking for should be professional and have a comprehensive understanding of the products they represent. All the staff of the company sincerely welcome you to join us, so that we can create a better future together.


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