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The disc brake has a hydraulic type and is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The main parts and components include brake discs, split pumps, brake pliers, and tubing.
The brake disc is made of alloy steel and is fixed on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. The sub-pump is fixed on the base plate of the brake
The two friction pads on the brake pliers are placed on the sides of the brake disc, and the piston of the pump is supplied with liquid from the tubing
Press action, push the friction sheet to the brake disc attack friction brake, the movement seems to be clamped with pliers in the rotation
Plate, make it stop like that. Disc brake heat dissipation fast, light weight, simple structure, adjustment lunch. A lot.
The disc brakes used in cars include flat brake discs, punched brake discs, and underlined brake discs, which are underlined
The braking effect and ventilation cooling ability of the brake disc are relatively good. Disc brake forces along brake disc, brake shaft
No bending moment, small radial size, stable braking performance.